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IOT CHat App

Communication is an essential human skill and when asked to design an app that enables communication over a home IoT system; we jumped right in!


User Research, User Surveys, User Flow Diagrams, Android App Design, IoT App Design

The Process

1. Requirement Analysis

When creating any product, an IoT app in this case – we always start with the WHY’s. Why does the founding team need this product? What problem does it solve? What is the vision of the business?

3. App Design

Any app design starts with the user stories, then the wireframes and then the interaction design. We gave this app a clean, modern interface design that goes with the already existing brand.

2. User Research

Once the WHY’s are answered, we pull up our sleeves and get to work. First step is getting out into the firls, to the real users and discovering if this product solves a real problem. In this case, the business wanted to build a fully ready application for the developer community to play with when they try out their SDK.

4. Development

Once the design is complete, the next step is development.

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