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#1 Empowering Retailers with Technology

An app that helps Retailers from across the globe simplify and expedite their operations with the power of technology.

B2B App Design
Retail Product Design
UI UX Design

#2 A Travel Social Network That Enables Experiences

An app & a web platform that helps travelers create bucket lists, avail offers & connect with fellow travellers.

B2C App Design
Travel App
UI UX Design

#3 Making Smart Homes Accessible & Programmable

COCO is a smart home automation platform that aims to bring together avid developers, device makers & smart homes under one roof.

IoT App Design
B2C Product Design
UI UX Design
Webapp Design

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* Mobile App UI Design

* Website / WebApp UI Design

* User Research

* User Experience Design (UX Design)

* User Interface Design (UI Design)

* Conversion Rate Optimization


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